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Choose the best alternative

1) I'm busy at the moment. ____________ on the computer.

2) Where is Robert? ____________ a shower?

3) The drugstore was open, so luckily I __________ buy some painkiller.

4) She __________ answer the phone right now. She's doing her homework.

5) How many people __________ in your family?

6) __________ anyone in that room.

7) Where ____________ you yesterday?

8) Where ____________ the car?

9) I don't think Gisele Bundchen is _____________ woman in the world.

10) Did you _____________ anywhere interesting last weekend?

11) Our friends ____________ meet us at the airport tonight.

12) I was born _____ January. Precisely _____ January, 15, ____ 6pm. It was ____ a Friday.

13) At 9 o'clock yesterday morning we _______________ for the bus

14) When I looked round the door, the baby _______________ quietly.

15) She __________ study for the test or else she'll fail.

16) I ____________ go to the party next weekend, I'm not sure.

17) Robert _________ ill for 3 weeks. He's still in hospital.

18) I _____________ to Australia.

19) My arms are aching now because _______________ since 2 o'clock.

20) If you don't get up on time, ____________ late.

21) If I ___________ you I ___________ save more money for the future.

22) I _______________ when you ________________.

23) You ______________ me earlier, now it's too late!

24) I enjoyed _________ in France very much. When I stop _____________ about those times, I come to the conclusion I had the time of my life there!

25) He ________________ the concert if he _____________ the tickets in advance.


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